Pop Some Tags!

Luggage Tags & Suitcase

This weeks travel tip is for DoAheads who are hitting the skies!

Perhaps your luggage is well marked and you don’t feel the need to add airline tags. I’ve always felt compelled to mark our precious belongings anyway I can, even I’m duplicating information.

That being said I would find it annoying to fill, re-fill, and fill again the repetitive information I needed to mark all of our family’s luggage.

Enter the return address label!

Address Labels

I tuck a handful of return address labels in my purse. As we wait in line to check luggage we grab the airline tags, slap on our return address labels and Bam! Luggage is marked and we are on our merry way.

If you really want to be a DoAhead Woman grab a few of your return address labels and put them with your luggage right now.  I know for our tribe we are usually  focused on trying to remember our toothbrushes in the last frantic hours of packing!

That’s it…the DoAhead way to pop some tags!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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