Pretty Piggies

Pretty Piggies!Can’t you just hear Seals & Croft? “Summer breeze makes me feel warm, blowin’ through the jasmine in my miiiiiiiind.”  (All I can say is good thing this is typed text and not audible…singer, I am not.)


Round these parts we are thrilled with summer weather. There is just one teeny, tiny problem. I feel obligated to pretty my toes this time of year.


Technically, that should NOT be a problem. What girly girl doesn’t want to go get a pedicure? The problem arises when an outfit cries for sandals and there just plum isn’t TIME for a full fledged pedi.


Enter the DoAhead Diva!  Because my rear end is frequently affixed to my office chair as I blog to my sweet, sweet fellow DoAhead’s I am in a terrific position for a 2fer!

You got it sisters. My toes are soakin’ as we “speak”.  I keep a retired Rubbermaid container in the bathroom next to my office. Along with it is a file, clippers and cuticle stick.

More Pretty Piggies

If I know I have an extended period to be in the “rear affixed position” I go for it. Five minutes to file the toes…a soak in warm soapy water…pushed back cuticles and I’m done.


If there’s a modest amount of  time I put on bright polish. If there’s just a smidgin’ of time I slap on clear polish (no one’s the wiser when I dash off and ding em’ up if the polish is clear). When there is no time I rub a little oil on my toes. It’s good for them and they still shine!


I can hear the piggies now…


“This little piggy went shopping, this little piggy made dinner, this little piggy rocked babies, this little piggy paid bills, but the last little piggy said ‘Weeee, weeee, we did it all so preeetyyyy!”


Your DoAhead Friend,

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