Summertime Slush


This week’s DoAhead Dining is another refreshing beverage.  My great Aunt Mable used to serve this on a hot summer day. Deeelish!

Check out the recipe below or go to the Freebies and Fav’s page for a snappy, downloadable PDF!

Summertime Slush



2 cups Sugar

4 Green Tea Bags

12 oz  can Lemonade

12 oz can concentrated Orange Juice

3 cups Gin or Vodka

Sprite or 7up

Boil and cool 7 cups water and 2 cups sugar. Boil 2 cups water and steep 4 green tea bags and cool.  Add lemonade and orange juice. Add gin or vodka (the alcohol keeps the liquids from freezing completely…it makes for a nice “slushy” consistency). Combine all ingredients and freeze at least 24 hours.  Fill a glass half full of frozen mix and top with Sprite or 7 up.

This recipe is a terrific DoAhead since the primary mixture will keep in the freezer all summer.


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