Break Every Chain

Hands Raised

 The day had been long. Who am I kidding…the week had been long!


Behind on bills.


Behind on laundry.


Behind on cleaning.


Behind on commitments in the church.


Behind on commitments in the community.




How can a DoAhead Woman get so darn behind? I think its a little thing called life. Some seasons in life  just happen. Other seasons in life are callings. Regardless of the season we’re in, it’s activities can supersede our normal routine. The end result?

Mess – Stress – Less Rest!


Honoring what we’re called to do promotes peace to tired heads. But there are times when the tired goes beyond, “I need a nap” to, “I need time in the hills.”


Is it any wonder Christ withdrew from the crowds to be alone?


Today as I began to tackle the “behinds” obedience led my fingers to the keyboard, but my heart was as wilted as the neglected plant by my front door.




I stumbled on the link below as I was searching  the internet. I’ve been listening to it as I type. Sweet DoAheads… I hope you’ll take a minute and “retreat to the hills” with me. I’m every bit as behind as I was 10 minutes ago but this song of worship raised my hands, raised my eyes and raised my heart.


Cross & Chains

  Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture

It’s strange how nothing changes and yet…


everything changes when we worship.


Your DoAhead Friend,

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