Busy Beaver Bars

Busy Beaver Bar Ingredients

The tribe of Krall has certain dietary expectations during different times of the year.  October is usually marked by at least one meal of Uncle Joe’s Favorite Pheasant.  At Christmas, sugar cookies are a must. The fourth of July and ensuing summer days are topped off with yummy bits of  toffee-like heaven called Busy Beaver Bars!


My kiddos are in love with this incredibly simple recipe. I really should make it appear that they are a tremendous amount of work to make.  Perhaps I should run around the house three times in an effort to acquire a sweat and look like I’ve labored all day.  (Who am I kidding…why run? How ’bout simply waiting 15 minutes for the next hot flash?)


No further delays sweet DoAheads…Busy Beaver Bars comin’ up!


Busy Beaver Bars

Line a cookie sheet with Graham Crackers.


Boil 1 cup brown sugar with 1 cup butter for 2 minutes (I use a glass bowl and do it in the microwave.) Pour evenly over Graham Crackers.

Busy Beaver Bars-Pour

Bake 7 minutes at 400. Crackers will be “bubbly”.



Remove from oven and cover with chocolate chips. (Normal folks would use approx. 3 cups. In an effort to honor the 11th commandment, “Thou shalt eat chocolate.” we use 4 to 5 cups.) Allow chips to melt and then spread evenly.

Busy Beaver Bars

Don’t distress if it appears the chips aren’t melting.  Give them a minute you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Suddenly, the chips disintegrate and spread beautifully. Now you’re ready to place the sheet of bars in the freezer. You can leave them for a day or remove them in 30 minutes.


Remove from freezer. Lift the bars from the cookies sheet. Break them apart into a serving size that is right for you and your fam. (When the kids were little the bars were bite size. These days I just give my 6’2 son the cookie sheet.)


That’s it friends. Keep these babies in the fridge or freezer and you’ll have DoAhead treats all summer long!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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