Snick Snacks

Nuts & Dried Fruit

The phrase “snick snack” was coined by a saint that graced our lives years ago. Rose Marie took the Doc and I in when we were both broke and in college.


Rose was  full blooded Italian. She stuffed us with Ravioli’s, meatballs and yet somehow at the end of the meal there was always room for a snick snack!


Round these parts we’re pretty fond of snick snacks. I’ve always believed in the 11th commandment “Thou Shalt Eat Chocolate.” Of course, as DoAhead Diva’s we know the importance of balance.


Time to contemplate healthy snick snacks!


The following is a list of snacks that are “grab & go’s” at our house. In no particular order…


These are in a basket right when you walk in the kitchen. Doc and the kids are known to grab a handful on their way in or out the door.


We make big batches of air-popped popcorn. I put the extra in a bowl on the counter.

Granola Bars

Obviously these are a terrific on the run snack, but my daughter and I also break ours up and combine with a cup of Greek Yogurt.

Raw Veggies

We keep our Tupperware containers full of raw carrots and raw broccoli. Usually the kids take a handful and munch on plain veggies but if time permits they grab the Italian dressing and dip away. (Raw cabbage slices are also great when dipped in dressing.)

Fresh Fruit

The nut basket is right next to the banana hook. There’s almost always a basket full of oranges, pears and kiwi  under the hook. Once again, that baby is placed right on the end of the counter where people pass by.


Do you have tips or ideas for healthy snacks in your home? Do share!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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