The Suitcase Shuffle


You retrieve your luggage from the airport, lug it from claims to taxi, and then lug it from taxi to hotel.  You open it, only to find that it’s contents look as discombobulated as you feel! What on earth is a DoAhead Woman to do?!


Ebags to the rescue! Doc and I stumbled on these when we were looking to purchase a luggage scale (Check out DoAhead post Get A Grip). We love these organizers. Keep in mind, a Ziploc baggie will do the job equally well but the eBags don’t slip and slide like a Ziploc.


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 One more favorite “bag” for travel…the organza pouch.  These little gems are perfect for tucking jewelry away. Earrings don’t get lost and chains don’t become tangled. You can purchase them for .10 a pouch on Amazon. Well worth it!

Organza Pouches

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Do you have a great travel tip for organizing luggage contents? Do tell!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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