An Apple a Day

Apple Saver

Today’s DoAhead Dining features a nifty trick for keeping sliced apples from browning. I found this recipe and thought I’d give it a try. Sure enough it worked slick as a whistle!

Start by slicing your apples and then soaking them for 4 minutes in cold water. ( I added ice cubes to the water as I prepped the apple.)

Next, soak the slices in carbonated ginger ale (7 up or Sprite will work just as well) for 4 minutes.

Apples Soaking 2

Place slices on paper towel for one minute to absorb excess moisture.

Apples Drying 2

 Seal in a baggie and you’re good to go!

Apples Bagged 2

 In the interest of science I sliced and stored an apple that was untreated.  I took the photo below 8 hours later. It really works!

Apples 8 Hrs Later 2

(The apples on the right have been soaked…the apples on the left have not.)

Whether your packing an apple for your kiddos school lunch or your own brown bag this trick takes very little time and produces an apple that is so much more a peeling! (Sorry…I couldn’t resist.)

Your DoAhead Friend,

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