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Today’s post is written by fellow blogger Rivera Douthit.  I had the privilege of meeting this sweet sister 6 months ago at She Speaks Intensive. She sparkles with Jesus joy and exudes authentic warmth. This DoAhead Devo captured my heart and I know it will capture yours!


Drumroll please for the divine Rivera Douthit!!


He’s always been an old soul, asking questions constantly.  A few years ago, around age seven or eight, my little Hunter-man was worried about the drought.  He asked, “Mom, why is everything so dry and dying? Look, the grass is turning brown. Won’t the animals die?”

I thought, extremely observant for a little guy. I answered, “It’s dry because there’s been no rain. And yes honey, some of the animals might die, if there’s no water and the plants die.”

Inquiring again, he went on, “Why wouldn’t God make it rain then?  Does He want the animals to die?”

Under my breath, I prayed, “Lord, HOW would You have me answer this?”  I really felt like God wanted me to use this as a teaching moment, but I wasn’t sure how. The Holy Spirit nudged me.


 “Tell him to pray.”


I questioned, “You want me to have him pray?   For rain?  We’ve had no rain for weeks.  There’s only a tiny cloud in the sky off in the distance!  Seriously?”

He said, “Yes, encourage him to pray.  He needs to learn to trust Me.”

I was reminded of childlike faith,


“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of  heaven belongs to such as these.’”  ~Matthew 19:14


I knew that to step out and spur my son to pray for rain in the middle of a drought had more to do with me trusting God than Hunter.  I realized this was going to grow MY faith while growing his, and Haley’s as she listened from the backseat.


I answered, “No honey, I really don’t think God wants the animals to die.  But I do think He’s waiting for someone to ask for rain.  Have you ever thought maybe He hasn’t given us rain because nobody’s thought to ask Him for it?”

He piped back, “Mom, do you think I should ask God to make it rain?”

I replied,  “Well, the key to asking is believing.  Do you believe?  We have to pray with faith that God is real, knowing He’s listening to us, and trusting that He will do what we’re asking Him to do.  So, to answer your question, I do think you should pray for rain.  Just make sure you pray it like you know it’s already coming.  And when you pray, tell God why you think we need it.”

He said, “Okay mamma. ”  Without hesitating, he prayed, “Jesus, all of our grass is dying, and the animals might die too.  Will you please make it rain so everything can live? Thank you.  Amen”

Hunter praying-Rivera Douthit

Meanwhile, I pleaded quietly, “Lord, please show off today by causing it rain.  Do it so Hunter and Haley can see You.  If You ever wanted to build our faith, please let it be now!”

We parked and went in to buy our groceries.  We went down one aisle and back.  We were near the door when Hunter yelled with excitement, “Look mom, look!”  The sky had grown dark, and rain was pouring in less than 10 minutes of Hunter’s prayer.

Tears welled up in my eyes as Hunter ran back and forth with excitement.  “He did it mom!  God did it!  Can I tell somebody mom, please?”

Our faith grew that day by leaps and bounds.  Our hearts were saturated as a little of God’s heavenly kingdom rained down to earth.  “With God ALL things are possible,” not just SOME things, ALL things.

God IS real.  God DOES see.  He IS listening.  He DOES care.  God IS able!


The real question is, do you believe?


Sweet DoAheads, I did OK till I saw the back of Hunter’s head bowed in prayer (can you say, “Tears to the eyes.”). Indeed, childlike faith is humbling and moving. And may we never forget, oh so powerful!


For more of Rivera’s beautiful insights visit her blog at!


Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Oh, how I love this! I get so caught up in the worry that God will not come through, I forget that He can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine!
    What a beautiful reminder!
    So glad to connect here!

  2. This post reminded me of a time when I was to build faith into my own child. If you get the chance please see my pillow talk post on my Testify jewelry page. Thanks for this great reminder! Your posts bless and encourage!

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