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Paper Flowers

Exciting news! DoAhead is introducing a new category!  These posts will feature:

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that pertain to the place we call HOME.


Drum-roll please for DoAhead Dwelling!


We’ll kick off this category with something fun. My sweet niece was here for the 4th of July and she brought a project she was working on. It was an idea for decor’ that totally rocked. She (and other younger nieces) put together the adorable flowers featured in today’s photos.


The flowers were used for a baby shower but they could be readily used for well… anything! A birthday celebration, Valentines, or fill for a decorative vase on the coffee table.


Construction is simple. Grab a punch (Katie’s produced quarter sized circles with a scalloped edge). Fold the circles in fourths. Place a dot of glue on the tip of the folded circle and gently press it into your Styrofoam ball. All that’s left is to insert a stem! The stem could consist of a twig, pipe cleaner, or small wooden stick (you could even use shish kabob sticks!)

Paper Flower Construction

Whala! A decorative flower at your fingertips!

Baby Shower Flowers

Come back next Friday for an organizational tip. It requires a 7 minute investment of time but it will bring you months of  pleasure!


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