Next Exit

Next Exit

Labor Day is fast approaching. For many of us it means navigating one last road trip before school is in full swing. Doc and I have a few favorite navigational tools we use when traveling and yet, it is with  some hesitation that I share them in today’s DoAhead Destination tip. The tools are hard copy resources. In this day and age, most information is digital. We access it from “out there”.


(Speaking of which, just what is “out there?” The concept of finding things “in the cloud” freaks me out. So much for the days of laying on our backs, gazing skyward and finding shapes of people with big noses. Now the clouds are full of megabytes and gigabytes. But I digress.)


I’ll summarize three hard copy tools Doc and I have found invaluable over the years.  (Last week we were in the Tetons and Yellowstone. Phone and internet signals were so sporadic we could not have done without these resources.)


A good map.

(Rocket science I know). But seriously, we love the Rand McNally large scale road map. You don’t need to be in the “bifocal zone” to appreciate the big print. The spiral bound version rocks. It makes it so much easier to navigate.

Road Map 2014

(Click for Link to Road Map)


Trailer Life Directory.

If you’re camping this bad boy rocks. It’s a state by state guide that lists all campgrounds (national and private). The campgrounds are rated according to:

  1. Completeness of  facilities (IE. roads, sites, recreation).
  2. Cleanliness.
  3. Visual Appearance.

Doc and I have been using this directory for 15 plus years and it is true to its word!

Trailer Life Directory

(Click Here for Link to Trailer Life Directory)

Next Exit.

This little gem of a book lists every conceivable amenity for every conceivable interstate exit in the United States.

Next Exit 2

(Click Here for Link to Next Exit)

 That’s it dear DoAheads! A few old school tips for when we can’t , or choose not to have our heads in the clouds!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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