Fall Fashionista’s!


Hey sweet DoAheads! We’re going to “Diva-it-up” today with a few Fall fashion pointers from two of my favorite Diva’s on the planet! Yes…they are amazing. Yes…they are beautiful. And yes…I’m crazy about them! But not because these entrepreneurial women are my sister-in-laws!  No…it’s because they love what they do and they love helping women feel good about themselves.  I know you’ll enjoy today’s guest post from the dynamic duo of Reggio Imports!


Back to the Basic’s of Beautiful!

John Molloy’s iconic book “Dress for Success” was a big hit in 1975.  Now, almost 40 years later much of what Molloy championed is still true.

Fit, fabric & fashion are the keys to any great wardrobe.

And unlike the 70’s-today’s fabric’s and fit are better than ever. So,whether your figure is fabulous or a little flawed, it’s amazing what a little Lycra and spandex can do for a more beautiful you!

Fall fashion is all about fun.  No season is more celebrated in the fashion world than when fall clothes start appearing on the runway. This year is no exception-and while there are some great trends to pay attention to (like wearing winter white, classic patterns, and vegan leather) they all start with pieces that should be the cornerstone of your fall fashion wardrobe.  Basic leggings, skinny or boot cut jeans, and accent pieces (bright colored scarves and jewelry) are just a few examples.  Let’s explore a few beautiful basics a bit more.

Good Quality Leggings-

If you haven’t ventured into this world get it on your list. They are a must & we only recommend Lysee due to the 5-inch tummy control waistband. If you are already living in black, get some texture or try our new favorite, the vegan leather or charcoal ponte.

Flat Front Jeans-

Whether you are into skinny or will only wear boot-cut, a flat front jean does amazing things for your figure. Our favorite is Lola.

Statement Pieces-

We love Italian designed coats, tunics, and tailored sweaters. Our only caveat-get it in color. This year colors like green, red and deep purple are what’s hot.

So get back to the basics of beautiful and join us as we celebrate the season of fashion!

(It’s me, Cin,Cin. I own a pair of the Lysee leggings. You’ll want to check out the link…they totally rock!)


Your DoAhead Friend,

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