Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces

Today’s featured photo is a shot I took with my phone. I was headed east early one morning last week.  Rays of light began to break through gray clouds. It was breathtaking. (What South Dakota lacks in populace she makes up for in spacious skies.)

The week had been mind-boggling busy. It was the kind of week you have when you are the mother of three toddlers or three teens (take your pick). I had rushed out the door, hoping to quickly cover the 70 mile gap between my daughter and I. It was her first Oral Interp competition of the season. She wanted me there…I wanted to be there. I hurried, scurried and worried as I ran out the door just like I’d done each of the six days prior. So much going on.

And then, the sun began to rise.

Fields became illuminated. Deer could be seen grazing. Dew on cat-tail filled ditches glistened.

My heart rate slowed down. I began to breathe deep. I slowly forgot what all the rush was about.

Wide open spaces called me.
I answered back.

  • Thank you God for your creation.
  • Thank you for my daughter.
  • Thank you for three, busy, healthy kids.
  • Thank you for listening, and even more for speaking.
  • Thank for reminding me of what’s important, for the pause that you caused.
  • I could have missed this. I could have missed YOU.”

“Thank you for wide open spaces.”

Is your life frantic? Do you feel like someone shifted the treadmill into overdrive? Sweet DoAhead my prayer for you will be a wide open space this week. Maybe it will take the form of a much needed cup of coffee with a friend. Maybe it will be a soak in the tub instead of the standard 90 second shower. Maybe the moment will take you by surprise or perhaps you will pursue it.

All I know is my weary soul was blessed by that drive and I’m wishing you all the same!

“We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise.” Romans 5:2 Message

Your DoAhead Friend,

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