Give Thanks.

Fall Forest

The countdown begins…

Turkey thawed?

Who’s bringing what for food?

Cranberries ready to soak?

How many pies to bake?

Where’s the card table for the kids to sit at?

It’s exciting, it’s exhausting. It’s Thanksgiving!

Today’s post was going to take an entirely different turn until church yesterday. The worship team played “Give Thanks” as our congregation broke bread in corporate communion. It…was…beautiful.

I thought of all the other dear DoAheads out there, blessed but busy as they prepare for the holiday. The thought that kept running through my mind is that I wished you could have been sitting there with me. Drinking in…giving in…to stillness and thankfulness.

Below is a link to a version of “Give Thanks”.

Steal a moment to savor the gifts.

Challenge yourself to come up with 10 things (big or small) that you are grateful for.

No more words from me. Time for you to  relish a moment alone with Him.

Give Thanks

 Give Thanks

May the day’s ahead find us giving thanks for all He’s done!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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