80 Grit Hands

Lotion Hands

This DoAhead Diva is currently in serious need of skincare for her hands!

Unfortunately, all the preventative measures in the world don’t always keep chapped hands at bay. Perhaps it has something to do with the subzero temperatures our lovely area of the country has been sporting lately! (Minus 11 degrees-without wind chill this morning. Yikes.)

Do a few of you Diva’s run into the same challenge? If so, I’ll share a few of my favorite products and remedy’s for those times when my hands turn into 80 grit sand paper.

  • Gloves in my nightstand, accompanied by  a little vitamin e oil (Be careful…not too much or you may stain your bedding.)
  • Udder Balm. You got it girlfriends. The local cows and I keep our Tractor Supply store in business.
  • Gloves in a Bottle. You can find this product in most pharmaceutical stores. This is a go-to product for folks in the medical profession. It’s not greasy and its supposed to stay with you even when you have to wash your hands often. I keep a travel sized bottle in my purse.
  • Jason’s Vitamin E lotion. This one also sits on my bed stand.
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream. My farming Uncle introduced me to this lotion many years ago. He swore it was the only thing that helped his hard-working farming hands. Perhaps I’m fond of it simply because he recommended it, but it’s my go to lotion when my chapped hands start snagging my sweaters!

What do you use when the bitter bite of winter turns your hands into sandpaper?

This DoAhead Diva would love to know!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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