There’s a Horse in My House!



I’m a list girl.

Grocery Lists.

Honey Do Lists.

Christmas Lists.

Menu Planning Lists.

Lists of lists.

Lists are good, even biblical right?

“Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Prov. 21:5

But here’s the scoop…lists can have a downside as well. I catch myself trusting in my lists, my organizing and my “to do’s” (did you catch all those ‘me’s’?) It brings to mind another verse from Proverbs,

“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.” Prov. 21:31

It is well and good to plan and plan ahead, but it is equally,if not more important to remember that final outcomes belong to God. When I forget that important truth, I end up putting more faith in the “horses in my house” than I do in God!

Yesterday, our tribe was scrambling to prepare for a gathering of teens. The Peeps would arrive soon and we wanted food and fun to be ready.

Shoe in Garage

As the hour of their arrival approached I began to sense a knot form in my gut. Plenty of things were NOT crossed off the list. In the old days it would have brought me to tears or words of strife.  God has taught me (and continues to teach me) that He can be trusted with outcomes. Consequently, I whispered a prayer that He would help us accomplish what He thought needed to be done and give me a peace about what was left undone.

Leaning on Him more than my “horses” makes a difference.

I am a better wife, mother, sister, and friend when I remember to trust in Him more than my lists.

How about you? This is a time of year when lists (by necessity) abound. Don’t throw away your list. Keep track of the gifts and the groceries. But  remember, the list is only a tool. Let’s ask God to be in charge and…

kick those horses out of our houses!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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