Health & Fitness for 2014!

Jawbone & Phone

Wednesday’s Lighten Up post reflected this DoAhead woman’s resolve to reign in her “food fest” from the holidays. Moderate intake is important for health but so is sleep and exercise. Consequently, that’s been my next goal for 2014…consistent exercise and sleep. Allow me to introduce my new best friend, JawBone. This bad boy keeps record of my sleep and exercise patterns.


I love this device. It’s a bracelet that is worn 24/7. It tracks my sleep patterns and how many steps I take. It is blue toothed to my phone so I have a record of my progress right at my fingertips. It also allows tracking of food intake. (I love the bar code option…I scan my granola bar and Boom! It tells me my salt intake and where I’m at for recommended Carb intake.)

JawBone provides knowledge that is helpful for making good health decisions. The information is incredibly important but so is the accountability it provides. There’s something about knowing one will have to look at numbers at the end of the day that keeps one on track.

The really good news is that information and accountability can be found in options that having nothing to do with what one wears around their wrist. Accountability from a friend is equally (probably more) effective. I remember praying about Doc’s exercise routine for years. He would start and stop but a consistent routine seemed to elude him until…. He and several buddies began working out together. His concern over letting someone down by not showing up made all the difference in the world.

What ONE thing could you work on in 2014 that would bring you the greatest health benefit?

 What will help keep you accountable in your goal?

  • A friend?

  • A journal?

  • An organization (Weight Watchers)?

  • A device (pedometer)?

  • An app on your phone or iPad?

Whatever it is, prayerfully set the goal and then DO IT! Remember, dreams are goals with deadlines. Set a goal, pick a time frame and then ensure your success with some type of accountability! Transformation is one- met- goal- away!

“I see a new thing in this land, a transformed woman embracing the transforming God!” Jeremiah 31:22

Your DoAhead Friend,

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