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“I’m half way up. I can do this.” But trembling hands and labored breath betrayed me. How I wish my distressed respiration was due to lack of fitness but it was lack of courage. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a fear of heights. Interestingly enough I’ve also always wanted to go rock climbing. (Where that came from I have no idea. Tom Cruise reaching for the sky in his Mission Impossible climbing scene? Good grief.)

The opportunity to climb presented itself this past summer. Doc & I had just taken the family white water rafting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was awesome. Afterwards we had a few hours to kill when we spied a brochure for indoor rock climbing. (Not quite Tom Cruise caliber but it worked.) We checked in and received tutorials on harnesses, ropes and how to belay (hold another climber’s rope so they are safe).We were off! Initially, I belayed for others but eventually it was my turn.

“Breath in. Breath out” went my internal dialogue. The climb looked like it was 400 hundred feet high (it was closer to 40). By the time there was a 25 foot gap between my tush and the ground I began to have serious doubts about becoming “Mrs. Cruise”. I told my belayer I was coming down. My feet hit the floor and Doc gave me a pep talk. The combination of his encouragement and a desire to earn the respect of my teens resulted in attempt number two.

This time I did it. I was fourty feet high in the air. I was also certain mere dental floss held me (as opposed to my sturdy harness and rope). My hands were shaking and I probably should have been breathing in a paper sack but I victoriously slapped the top rock and yelled to my belayer , “I’m coming down.” When I reached the bottom the kids cheered and Doc said, “Babe, see what you can do when you don’t let fear rule!”

What a feeling!

We celebrated with supper at a “rough and rowdy”  saloon style restaurant. (Come to think of it, all restaurants in Jackson Hole are saloon style.) Maybe it was the moment but I wanted to wear chaps, slam my fist on the bar and demand a milk.

My heart felt full! I felt BIG!

I suppose I could chalk it up to a “Secret Life of Walter Mitty moment” but I think it was something more.

The moment I slapped that rock I was living life inspired.

As I look to the new year I ponder my desire for a life lived inspired.  My goals, dreams and of course…my one word.

You all know that doing ahead trips my trigger. I like being organized and planning ahead. But it’s one thing to “MINIMIZE PERSPIRATION.” It’s a whole ‘nother thing to “MAXIMIZE INSPIRATION.” Managing perspiration is far less intimidating than risking inspiration. After all, who cares if a DoAhead recipe flops? But take a dance class once you’ve hit your forties…now we’re talkin’ risk!

So here’s my one word.  Fear-less.  The hyphen is a cheat but it provides “wiggle room” for my one word.  You see, I’m not fearless and I don’t anticipate being fearless any time soon but I am counting on fearing less! In the process I will take more chances. I will dare to dream bigger. I will say no to more things so I can say yes to more important things. I will honor the one who made me for a specific purpose and plan. And because HE is trustworthy I will move forward with less fear. As I grow in obedience I pray that moving forward despite my fear will lead me to a place where I have no fear.

My word is fear-less and it’s my next big step to living life inspired.

How about YOU? What keeps you from living life inspired ?

If you could choose one word to bridge the gap between inspired living and uninspired living what would it be?

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4 ESV

” I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” John 10:10 AMP
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Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. I acquired a fear of driving over bridges and then God moved us to a coastal community connected by . . . bridges. He has a sense of humor but I’ve become less fearful with practice. My word is trust this year, the opposite of fear. Lovely to meet you through the link up.

    • Shelly,thanks for stopping by. Most of all thanks for sharing. I couldn’t help but smile when you mentioned bridges. I’ve never been overly fond of those either! Thank heaven for heavenly help! So nice to meet you!

  2. Oh Friend…this is all sweet you! Fear-less and beauty wrapped up in one big story of His grace! I love that we are in this together! And maybe one day…a real life hug, but until then… XO

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