Meal Time Prayers…

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Prayers at meal time are a tradition in many family’s. For some folks it’s a prayer that’s been passed down for generations. For others, it a quick bow of the head. For yet other folks, it’s whatever passes from the hearts to the lips that particular meal.

Our family has engaged in all three forms of Grace.

Sometimes we’ll look at one another and agree that the occasion calls for “Grandma’s Prayer.”

“Come Lord Jesus be our guest, let these thy gifts to us be blessed.”

On other occasions (like when we can barely lasso everyone to the table or we are dining in the car after a drive thru) it looks like this:

 “Thank you for our food dear Lord.”

When the kids were much smaller we made up our own family prayer:

“And now dear Lord as we prepare to eat, we thank for Jesus our Savior so sweet. We thank you for food, for family and love. We thank you for watching us from above.”

Now that our tribe is nearly all adults, the meal time prayer tends be whatever is on any given heart. The prayer ends with thanks for God’s provision of food but often there’s reason to give thanks for many other things.

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 Thankful-Josh Groban

In this day and age of crazy, non-stop running may we practice gratitude. I can think of no better reminder than to do it when food is put before us!

How about you and yours?

  • What does prayer look like at your family’s meal time?
  • How do you encourage gratitude in your home?

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