Ham & Cheese Please!

Ham and Cheese

I love it when I find quick, easy, and  YUMMY recipes!

Last fall, a sweet soul sat next to me during a cold football game. My job was to sell tickets for the band fundraising concert (Mental note—-most folks attending a football game are far more interested in athletics than music). Sales were a tad bit on the slow side. (Fine. I didn’t sell a single ticket. I thought about jumping on the table and doing a Beatles impersonation but I was new to the crowd. Restraint seemed in order.) Since a flurry of ticket sales lacked, I and the gal next to me had plenty o’ time to visit.

I learned about her kiddos. Her hubby. Her job. I even learned her name. Today, I can tell you very little about any of those things.

BUT– I can remember the recipe she shared!

(Wondering if that makes me a heel? Let’s not go there.)

She shared a family favorite dish for a cold night… Hot Ham and Cheese sandwiches. No biggie right? But check out the recipe below for how she prepped and served. It’s sensationally simple.

Hot Ham & Cheese Sammies (in a CrockPot)



  • Sliced Ham
  • Sliced Cheese (Cheddar, Co-Jack, or Pepper Jack. Whatever suits your family.)
  • (Peppers or onions if you please).

Lightly coat the crock pot with cooking oil. Layer the ham and cheese repeatedly until you have the quantity needed to serve your crew.

(Veggies can be added in the crock pot, or they can be prepped and served as a side topping.)

Turn the crock pot to warm. Depending on how warm your crock pot runs you’ll have melted cheese over hot ham in 60- 90 minutes. Grab the buns, and a set of tongs and your crew will be ready to serve themselves.

These are perfect for quick family meals but they also make the ideal “after game” food  for hungry teens that need a place to hang.

That’s it DoAheads! A warm meal quicker than you can say, “Ham and cheese please!”

Your DoAhead Friend,

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