Prayer Journal For Those Who Don’t Journal!

prayer journal

Confession. I pretty much stink at keeping a prayer journal.  I love to pray. (You know I do.) But I go through starts and fits when it comes to writing down the conversations He and I have.

With one exception.

When the Darlings were much smaller (about 8, 7 and 5) I became overwhelmed with the needs, dreams and issues I felt compelled to pray about. And than it hit me.

Recipe cards!

I used (and continue to use) recipe cards for pretty much everything. Bookmark. Grocery List. Bible Verse. To Do List. Posted Reminder. Chore Chart. Why wouldn’t I use recipe cards to track prayers for the family?

And so I purchased the following items:

Prayer Journal 2

I divided the cards into section for each member of the family (including myself)! Then I created “headings” for the different areas I felt led to pray. For each child there were headings like “Physical Well Being.” Prayers in this arena could range from concerns regarding teeth to upcoming surgery for tonsillitis. Of course there were also headings like “Character”, “Future Spouse”, “Salvation” and “Friendships” (to name a few.)

Even though I didn’t journal every day, the recipe card format enabled me to make brief notes that fostered consistent prayer. The journal also provided  a means by which to see God’s faithfulness!

If you feel like you are a “prayer journal flunkie” perhaps this system will work for you too!

Do you have any other tips or ideas for journaling?

This DoAhead would love to know!



  1. i love this, i went on line this afternoon, after church to find a pretty prayer and dreams journal. well there are several areas where you can go to set up one or so.
    at Sunday school, this morning we are doing the book: The Blessings of the Lord by Kenneth Copland. We are on chapter 12 just finishing it. when we came across this:” I have put in the heart of every human being an awesome sense of timing. He said, “They have an innate ability to know when something is right.”
    Well, all 6 of us, we are a very small church, looked at each other and started talking about when we use to journal, and why we stopped. It mostly boiled down to accountability to someone., So we made a comittment to start journeling, so I went online to find a pretty journal for praying and dreaming and found this site. thank you for it.
    I still need to find a journal and start writing in it daily , because next month we are going to start sharing our dreams and ideas with each other. we feel we are a point of an arrow that will go and move this world.
    Now that i see this think we are on the right tract.
    thank you for this.

    • How very exciting! There is something about being accountable to each other and even to ourselves that keeping a journal provides. It’s funny…I just spoke at a women’s retreat a few weeks ago about the dreams God has for us and the calling He places in each of us. I am currently reading a wonderful book by Jennie Allen called Restless. She talks about dreams. Her book helps readers figure out where their arrow should point. You might like it! I will be praying for your “group of 6”. I hope you’ll keep me posted. I would love to hear how you are all doing. Blessings!

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