Foot of the Lord

Foot of the Lord

Easter was my beautiful mother-in-law’s favorite holiday. I can still remember her eagerly creating and “hiding” Easter baskets for the little and “not so little” children in her family! It was tradition!

Another tradition had to do with a simple but poignant modification she made when baking bread. She would create a loaf of bread that looked like “The Foot of the Lord.” It’s a simple but a sweet reminder of who is Easter about.

Instructions for Foot of the Lord:

For our purposes we’ll use frozen store bought loaves.

Take a loaf of frozen bread dough and thaw. Pinch a ¼ of the dough off and form into 5 “balls”. Grease a bread pan and place the large portion of the dough in the pan, then place the 5 balls or “toes” at the end of the large section.

Allow the bread to rise. Bake per instructions.

Remove from oven when fully baked. Place on cooling rack. Lightly butter the top. Remove from pan once cooled.

That’s it DoAheads! A simple twist to add interest to your Easter bread!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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