Blessings Box

Blessings Box

Have you ever heard of the Summer Secret Santa? Well, our tribe has a twist on the concept that works great anytime of the year. The Darlings at North Harmon have out grown the practice but it came in handy years ago…especially during the summer time!

Perhaps this doesn’t happen in anyone else’s home but my precious trio would have a honeymoon period of  getting along the first one to two weeks of summer. Inevitably, division would occur (heaven help us if the skies poured rain and everyone had to stay inside!) One summer, I began to look for creative ways to “be nice” to each other.

The blessing box was born.

The concept is simple. Family members names are put on a small card and kept in a black recipe box. At the beginning of the week each family member draws a name out of the box.  The identity is kept a secret because during the next seven days random acts of kindness will be performed for that person.

If your tribe members become restless this summer, if “together time” becomes “tell her to stop touching me time” give the Blessing Box a go! Not only will kids be prompted to “Be a Blessing” to one another they may have fun doing it!

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