Run Spot Run!

Woman checking skin

Today’s DoAhead Diva is not a Dick & Jane story. Instead, it’s a home remedy for removal of dark spots on the skin.  Are you ready? Grab a pencil and paper.

Equal parts Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda.

That’s it! Oh—–so—–simple! There’s nothing more to it. You’ll end up with a paste that you can rub on the spot. In time it will fade, but be careful! If your using it around your face you may lighten your brows and hairline as well!  So, unless you want blonde eyebrows, forgo that area. While you’re at it, keep hair off your face with a large headband and leave a wide margin between your hairline and the paste. My daughter and I tried this and we found that improvement was noticeable within a month.

One loving word of warning. This remedy is meant for age spots, sun spots or acne spots. It’s not meant to address the dark pigmentation associated with moles or melanoma. If you have any doubt as to the type of dark spot you have, make a quick trip to your local doctor and have it checked.

And remember, this is the time of year that sunscreen is a must. Try to incorporate a face lotion with SPF into your morning routine. Keep a spray bottle of sunscreen handy for light applications on arms and legs. And then of course there’s the handy stick version of sunscreen. We keep those around for the tips of noses and tops of ears!

That’s it sweet DoAheads. A little simple something to keep those dark spots on the run!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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