Zesto…it’s Pesto!

Empty Glass Jar

Today’s photo features my latest success in the kitchen.

What’s that? You don’t see anything? Shoot! That’s right. This is the pesto I never made. I’ve been wanting to make it all month but didn’t get around to it! Consequently, today’s DoAhead Dining will be a first. No recipe from me. No tweaks. No tips. BUT I will share a link for a dynamite Pesto that my sis tried and has raved about.

I hope you’ll add this pesto to your mini-arsenal of seasonings that will enhance your summer time cooking. Don’t waste time girls. Click on the link (Pesto Recipe) and give this baby a try!

{Be sure and come back next Wednesday though, DoAhead Dining will feature a toffee coffee cake you won’t want to miss! And believe me…my first fail lends itself to a few helpful pointers!}

Your DoAhead Friend,

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