Natural Mildew Preventative

Black Eyed Susans

I hesitate to use the phrase “chemical free” when referring to today’s concoction. After all, nothing is chemical free! But I think you know what I mean. A dear friend of mine who’s an avid organic gardener gave me this recipe. I’ve never been a great gardener but I do have an affinity for flowerbeds and landscaping. One particular summer I was having trouble with mildew on several of my bushes. She scribbled these ingredients on a piece of paper and…

Bam——Organic Mildew Preventative!

The good news is DoAhead isn’t featuring this recipe under DoAhead Dining. (Although technically you could eat it.) No, this bad boy is considered a dwelling tip. Now that summer is officially here you too may have some favorite flora or fauna that falls prey to that nasty stuff known as mildew.

Without further adew (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.):

Organic Mildew Preventative


1 tsp Baking Soda

2 tsp Cooking Oil

1 Gallon Water

Mix and spray foliage.

Hope you find this green recipe helpful for taking care of the beautiful greens around your home!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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