Rain Times Seven

Rain on Umbrella

I am married to an amazing man. He is a risk taker and he provides me with numerous opportunities to pray. He loves to fly, so physical risk is within his repertoire (at least according to me, since I’m less fond of flying!) He has an entrepreneurial spirit. His business endeavors keep me on my toes (or should I say on my knees?) praying. He loves people. He is one of those rare men who is driven in business but who also has an immense passion for relationships. Consequently, I pray for the people in his life (including myself and his children).

The specific and detailed prayer requests I’ve taken to the throne on his behalf are too many to count. And yet, there are times when I’m not sure how to pray for him. When that happens I employ one or both of the following:

1. I pray for rain.

2. I repeatedly beat an arrow into the ground.

{The rain also helps my flowers grow and the arrow beating thing can be useful for breaking up soil—–totally kidding.}

Seriously, I do pray for rain. But it’s rain of another kind. There are times I’ve lain in bed knowing that Doc carries a huge burden. I don’t always know the details of how he’s thinking or feeling but I know he needs help. The best help I know of is that of the Holy Spirit living and working through him. So I invite the Holy Spirit to touch him. Truthfully, I ask the Holy Spirit to drench him. I whisper my one word prayer——


My plea is that the Holy Spirit would rain on him and reign in him. I know that God knows better than I exactly what Doc needs. When God hears my petition for rain He knows I’m serious. More accurately, He knows I’m desperate.

As I pray for rain I’m reminded to pray “big”. This was hard for me to do at first. I’m a mid-westerner. Asking for help is not in our nature. If we do, it’s for as little help as possible. Mid-westerners take pride in being self-sufficient. So if they run out of gas they’d  never ask for a full tank when just one or two gallons would do.

Have your requests to God ever looked like that? I know mine have. I go to the throne. I trust in his help and I’m grateful. But it’s with the attitude of  “Just one or two gallons will do.”

A little story in the book of Kings changed my perspective on that.

Some time before the death of King Jehoash, Elisha the prophet was very sick and about to die. Jehoash went in and stood beside him, crying. He said, “Master, what will Israel’s chariots and cavalry be able to do without you?”Grab a bow and some arrows,” Elisha told him, “and hold them in your hand.” Jehoash grabbed the bow and arrows and held them. Elisha placed his hand on the king’s hand and said, “Open the window facing east.” When it was open, Elisha shouted, “Now shoot!” Jehoash shot an arrow and Elisha said, “That arrow is a sign that the Lord will help you completely defeat the Syrian army at Aphek. Elisha said, “Pick up the arrows and hit the ground with them.” Jehoash grabbed the arrows and hit the ground three times, then stopped. Elisha became angry at the king and exclaimed, “If you had struck it five or six times, you would completely wipe out the Syrians. Now you will defeat them only three times.”  2 Kings 13:14-19

I still remember the first time I read that. I was moved. I sat still as I pondered the implications. I felt a weight of conviction as I wondered, “Lord, how many times have I only ‘struck the arrow three times’?” The Holy Spirit did not require me to reflect on the past for long (thankfully) but He changed me from the inside out with respect to future requests and petitions. The passage broke through my Mid-western pride. I was reminded that God is big and that my requests for so little did not always honor Him.

This is not a “prosperity” kind of gospel. It’s not a ploy to exchange gratitude for greed when we pray. It’s just truth. And truth is, sometimes we ask God for too little.

How about you?

When I pray for Doc, heck, when I pray period– I ask for rain but I ask for it seven times over. I ask God for His will to be done and whatever His will is I ask for Him to do it big. Because GOD deserves that.

God deserves big all around him.

Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Love this! Such a good reminder to ask for God Sized miracles in our life!!
    Thank you again.

  2. Grateful for sisters like YOU that have demonstrated what it means to flesh out that kind of praying!

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