Roasted Lipton Potatoes

Potatoes in a Basket

No…we are not Irish. But we do love potatoes! And so today’s DoAhead Dining features yet another yummy potato option. Have you already tried this? It’s on the packaging of Lipton Onion Soup Seasoning. It can be used to season potatoes cooked in your home kitchen or you can dice your potatoes, wrap them in foil and place them on the grill. Either way its a snap and take it from my tribe… they are tasty!

Lipton Roasted Potatoes


Lipton Onion Soup Seasoning           1 package

Potatoes                                                   2 pounds, diced into bite sized chunks

Oil                                                               1/3 cup

Place all ingredients in a large plastic bag and toss to coat potatoes. Empty coated potatoes into shallow baking dish. (Be sure to grease the dish. Stick free aluminum foil on a cookie sheet works well too.)  Bake 40 minutes at 450, stirring occasionally. Potatoes are done when tender and golden brown.

These make a delicious addition to baked chicken but they are  just as amazing with grilled steak!


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