Diced Tator’s on the Grill

Diced Potatoes on Grill

Grilling season in South Dakota is making its final lap around the track. So before our tribe moves all our cooking indoors I had to share another great grilling recipe. This one is simple and oh, so tasty!

Grilled Diced Potatoes


8 Red Potatoes (large, with thin skin)

1 Onion (large)

Olive Oil

Canola Oil

Garlic Salt


Scrub potatoes clean (no need to peel them.) Cut them into small bite size pieces. Lay out two 24 inch strips of aluminum foil. Pour a small portion of olive oil onto the foil. Place half of the potatoes on one sheet of foil and half on the other sheet. Slice onion and layer the top of the potatoes. Lightly drizzle canola oil over the top of the potatoes. Season to taste with the garlic salt and pepper.

Diced Potatoes for Grill 2

Cut two more 24 inch strips of aluminum foil and place them over the top of the potatoes. Seal all sides by pinching the two sheets of foil. Tightly fold each side several times. Your aluminum pouches are now ready for the grill!

Diced Potatoes in Aluminum

Grill on medium heat for 20 minutes. Flip and shake the pouches every 5 minutes. The pouches may balloon with the steam that develops. No worries, just be careful. You don’t want the pouch to break. You may get burned from the steam and the oil from your fixin’s will leak!

I have  not tried this recipe far in advance. A DoAhead would be to prep the potatoes ahead of time but they would need to be placed  in cold water to keep them from browning. A batch this size feeds our family of five (keep in mind the two teenage boys could eat a tire on any given day.)

That’s it DoAhead’s! Hope you enjoy your end-of-summer grilling!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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