Mason Jar Makeover

Mason Jar

The FB post read “ISO twelve small mason jars.” The sweet girly girl looking for the jars lived down the street.  I messaged her and said, “Come on down!” I keep tons of jars on hand for canning. I could easily part with a dozen. A couple of weeks later she was back on my doorstep with the adorable mason jar seen in the featured photo.

I ooohed and ahhhed! More than anything I thought, “I’ll bet DoAheads would love this!” So with her permission I’ll tell you how she and her friends fashioned the jars.

Start with the following items/tools:

Pint size mason jar with flat and ring

Fun straw

Funky cupcake liner

Flavoring for beverage (Tea Bag, Crystal Light)

Drill Press

Supplies for Mason Jar

The only true task to assembling these is the required hole in the flat. If you do not own a drill press try your local mechanic. For a nominal fee ( or perhaps even a pan of brownies) they can quickly drill the holes.  Once the hole is drilled in the flat, center your cupcake liner under it. Use a cutting blade to trace and cut a circle in the paper. Next, place your beverage flavoring in the jar, lay the flat on top of the jar, place the cupcake liner on top of the flat, twist the ring into place, insert the straw and…

Bam! A hand crafted, affordable gift!

The gals that made these used them as party favors for a bridal shower but the list of possibilities is endless. Not only could the jars be used for many different occasions, the contents of the jars could be filled with a variety of items. If its for a babysitter how about adding a few chocolates? If it’s for a teacher how about inserting a gift card to the local bookstore? The mason jar contents could be a dozen different things.

That’s it DoAheads. Another fun gift idea for the special peeps in our lives!

{DoAhead tip: Canning season is at a peak. Look for supplies to go on sale now.  Pick up a dozen of these while the price is right. Keep them on hand so you’ll be ready when you need a fun idea for Valentines or that next birthday party!}

Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. So many uses for those cute mason jars. Love it!

    • Too cute huh Beth? I don’t consider myself that creative but I love seeing the ideas OTHER people come up with so I can do them too! Thanks
      for stopping over!

  2. Look you were delivering joy one jar at a time long before I mentioned it….lol! And now for those who are hand tool impaired I love the pioneer woman’s lid and straw sets…very inexpensive!

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