The Perfect Gift {arrived!}

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A few months back I was on the prowl for the perfect gift. Well it arrived! I was so excited to see the familiar address. I couldn’t wait for Darling Daughter to get home. She peeled back the bright tissue paper, opened  the organza bag and…WHA LAH!

A tangible reminder of a milestone birthday.

We decided to usher in her 18th birthday with a family trip. The weekend was incredibly special. The actual day of her birthday was in turn ushered in by a knock on her door and the delivery of a bright bouquet. She relished the flowers for several days and then wrapped the petals she loved most in tissue paper. Then she sketched a pattern of how she wanted the colors displayed. Once the petals and sketch were carefully boxed, we shipped them off.

Eight weeks later the jewelry arrived. Her flower petals were pressed, encased by silver and ready to wear!

Flower Jewelry

She beamed.

Of course, what pleased her most was that the metal objects were a tangible reminder of a memory making weekend. The really good news is that it doesn’t take “flower jewelry” to accomplish the same for any given occasion.

All it really takes is a little DoAhead mentality and creative planning ahead.

Think about what kind of activity is meaningful to the person you want to give something to:

  • Do they like to hunt?
  • Would they love a trip to the museum?
  • How about a summer evening spent making smore’s in the back yard?

Once you determine a special way to spend time together think of a distinctive gift that will remind them of the event.

  • Shopping trip with a friend or daughter? Find a photo booth and then tape the pictures inside a meaningful card.
  • Trip to the zoo? How about a tiny stuffed animal?
  • Do they love to read? Spend the afternoon at the library and then give them a bookmark with a personal note.

The material object does not need to be expensive but it will be precious when tied to a special memory.  A little forethought and creativity is all it really takes to come up with the perfect gift!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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