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It was just over a year ago. I can still hear her soft, southern voice. My friend was interceding for my children. We were praying on the phone when she said something that caught me off guard. “Lawd, I praay for yaw favuh on these children.” {That was greatest typographical massacre of a southern dialect I’ve ever laid eyes on. Trust me. It was beautiful.}

She continued to seek God’s favor for my trio and I was in a heap. I wept as her powerful prayers were whispered softly over my children. All the while I wondered why I had never before sought God’s favor for my kids.

Make no mistake. I’m a praying mama. I’d prayed every other prayer under the sun and in the bible.

But I’d never prayed for God’s favor.

During the past school year I consistently sought God’s favor for my loved ones. There were times I was certain that He heard and honored specific prayers. There were a few times I was certain I needed to pray louder.

Perhaps this never happens to you but now and then I ‘m convinced that such and such should happen for so and so. The outcome would of course be my perfectly contrived idea of what “favor” looks like.

Can you tell I’ve grown up with regards to that prayer? I’ve learned to be careful how I define favor because His long term vision of what is ideal for my kiddos is far beyond my short term vision of what I think is best for them. The really good news? I know that God’s vision for my tribe is rooted in His deep love for them.

I get myself into to trouble when I’m tempted to think I love them more than He does. I also land in a bad spot when I fall into that trap of believing I know what they need better than He does. These are just a couple of things I’ve learned about God’s favor. This morning I learned another.

I was reading about the birth of Jesus. I got to the part I’ve heard since I was 2 years old. Its the familiar verse many of us have recited. Most of us quoted the verse while we wearing a white sheet and  foil wings.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14

I smiled to myself and let it soak in. Memories of a homemade manger beneath a blue Christmas tree flooded my thoughts.  I continued to read. My eyes landed on the word favor. I sagely congratulated myself as I thought, “Aah, yes. God’s favor. I’ve learned so much about that this year.” Next my eyes tracked across the page to the parallel version and…


Something completely unexpected. I whipped out my highlighter and started scribbling in the margins.

“Glory to God in the heavenly heights, Peace to all men and women on earth who please him.”

“This is interesting.”

Thus began a rather long conversation between He and I. The Holy Spirit pierced me when I realized how narcissistic my quest for favor had been. God knows (has always known) how easy it is for me to idolize my kids.  My prayers for God’s favor were far more about them then about His glory.

I was convicted as I sat on my little, brown couch wondering, “Would I rather pray for good things for my kids and our family” or “Would I rather pray that we please God?”

At that point there was an awkward silence between the Holy Spirit and I.

I let it sink in.

When was the last time I earnestly prayed that I and my tribe would please Him?

When the Holy Spirit convicts me I never feel beat up. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. I always land in a pool of gratitude because I know something beautiful is around the corner. So this next school year? I’ll keep praying for God’s favor but it will look way more like this…

“Father, may we please you.”

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YourDoAhead Friend,


  1. Cindy
    This is so awesome! YES YES YES and AMEN to that prayer. I hear you on so many levels that my prayers for my kids can be dangerously more like ‘make us look good’ rather than ‘may we make YOU look GREAT’!
    Thanks for this reminder. I am prepping a talk to a Mom’s group – and this blog post has spurred me on. What a good word my friend!

    • It’s so easy to do isn’t it Lorie? Glad I’m not alone. So grateful this may help in being transparent with other Mom’s. At the end of the day may He be glorified! Take care dear lady!

  2. Jesus, the Son in whom God said He was well pleased . . . grew in wisdom . . . and favor with God and man. You are so right! Balance is needed and the Holy Spirit is so good to guide us in what to pray and when. Thanks for the good word! Lauren

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