Bag It!

Bags for Jewelry

When you’re traveling on the fly-literally and figuratively little pouches are a must. The pouches in the featured photo are the bomb when it comes to keeping jewelry from tangling when you travel. (If you want to order organza pouches check out The Suitcase Shuffle post for a link.)

But another terrific use for the little bags is for storing items that can affect a smooth walk through airport security. A great travel DoAhead is to keep one or two of these bags handy when you’re throwing your carry-on’s together. If it’s an early flight put any jewelry you plan on wearing in the pouches and then in your carry on bag. No sense putting on your jewelry and taking it off again at the airport.

Toothbrush in travel pouch

Obviously liquids need to be in a plastic bag but once your through security you can keep your travel toothbrush and toothpaste in a pouch. I personally like to have them handy all throughout my trip (even once I reach my destination).

That’s it! Just a tiny DoAhead to take a bit of brain damage out those sometimes stressful trips through the airport!

Your DoAhead Friend,


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