Merriam-Webster defines beginning as “the point in time or space in which something starts”.

I like beginnings. I equate them with hope and anticipation. This past year a particular beginning has been a source of healthy dialogue in our home. Allow me to explain. Late last spring our family made a life changing decision. Our high school students opted to transfer from their small, private Christian school to the local public high school. The decision was agonizing. Fifteen years of deep friendships and emotional investment made the choice difficult. In the end, our entire household felt it was time for change.

The eldest is now off to college and his two siblings have a year of public education under their belt. Of course, we cherish and miss the old but by God’s grace the new has been——–

So. Good.

The kids have made wonderful friends, met amazing teachers and had terrific opportunities. Having said that, the transition has had a few challenges. A few of those challenges were social, others were academic. Bottom line, the kids had opportunities to solidify their beliefs and sharpen their minds.

Can you guess where this is going?


As a rule, alternatives to evolution are rarely offered in a secular arena (school or otherwise). It is encouraging to find affirmation regarding creationism outside the typical venue of church or a religious educational setting. That is exactly what our family found in Steve Greisen’s,  The Master Designer: The Song.

Our family watched the DVD this past week. The cinematography was breath taking. It felt like we were flipping through the magazine, Best of National Geographic. But the eye candy was just an appetizer. The content was fascinating and thought provoking.  The complexity of various animals was examined.  The DVD artistically uncovered intricacies that ranged from a bee’s internal GPS to a camel’s third eye lid.

But of all the wonders revealed by Griesen it was the crickets song that made the greatest impression on our family. A gentleman by the name of Jim Wilson made an audio recording of crickets chirping. When he slowed the recording down to reflect the life cycle of humans (vs. the much shorter life cycle of a cricket) the results were literally angelic.

At this point I need to add a sidebar. I was so fascinated by the Cricket Chorus that I went online to study it more. I discovered a broad spectrum of thought about the recording in both the scientist’s world and the layman’s world. I spent over two hours reading various opinions on the recording. Wherever you land in your view on the recording, the overall content of the DVD affirmed what I and my family have always thought…

It takes far more faith to believe in anything other than a God that created us.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

{If you are interested in checking out the DVD its available at}

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