Five Point Fitness Plan

Five Fingers

A DoAhead Diva is a woman who is wise enough to know she needs to carve out time for herself. But dang girls…sometimes its hard to do! Mid-summer my sweet daughter and I agreed we needed to do a better job of taking care of ourselves. On the heels of our conversation I bumped into a friend at church who shared about a family bet they had going.  I told my daughter I thought a variation of the bet would be a perfect motivator for us. Drum roll please for the——–

Five Point Fitness Plan

1. Did we get a minimum of 6 1/2 hours of sleep (I know. It should be 8. It’s how we roll around here.)

2. Did we eat no more than 2 snacks during the day. (Probably should have been Zero…but seriously, NO snacks?)

3. Did we exercise? (Somedays it was a bike ride, other days the yoga mat, and still other days a few abs.  All we required was some form of physical activity.)

4. Did we refrain from eating after 8:30? (If the Missus didn’t get home from work until 9 and hadn’t had supper she got a hall pass. Common sense.)

5. Did we feed our souls that day? (Quiet time, meditation on a verse, inspirational music…anything to nurture the spirit.)

That’s it, not rocket science! But you know… it inspired both of us. The friend I told you about did a version of this with their entire extended family. A monetary prize was at stake. Not only did it keep the family accountable, it kept the family in touch!

Jillian Michaels I’m not, but if you need an incentive for yourself or fam the Five Point Fitness Plan might be for you!

 Your DoAhead Friend,


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