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Last week DoAhead Diva listed 5 points for staying fit. This week we’ve got 10 tips for making a guest in our home feel they ARE home! (The last tip will surprise you!) These are pointers that my wonderful, extended family helped me discover. Some of the tips are obvious, some not so much. But until you are in the position of staying in someone else’s home the obvious can be easy to overlook.

Let’s get started!

Ten Ways to Make Your House Their Home:

1. Make sure the room has room! The guest bedroom doesn’t have to be reserved for guests all year round but when you are using a room to host company be sure to create space in the closet and on the dresser for their items.

2. While we’re on the subject of closets, don’t forget to make a few empty hangars available.

3. Is there a garbage can in the room or close by?

4. Always be certain to have enough toilet paper in the bathroom. ‘Nuf said.

5. How about a few toiletries? Basics, like soap and shampoo are a must in the shower. If you really want your guest to feel special have a few extra items available. If it’s a woman, how about a shower gel from Bath and Body? If it’s guy, he might appreciate lotion on the bathroom counter or a fresh razor.

6. Mirrors. I’m embarrassed to admit that my sweet sister-in-law had to ask if we had any. When our crew comes its usually a house full, consequently bathroom space is at a premium. A couple of  well placed mirrors enables folks to groom somewhere besides the bathroom. Whalah! The shower is now available for someone else to use.

7. Since we’re on the subject of mirrors, how about a small magnifying mirror in the bathroom? It’s a minor matter but helpful if your female guest needs to pluck her eyebrows or check the back of her hair.

8. Extra pillows and blankets are wonderful to keep in the room if you have the real estate for it.

9. A small chalkboard sign in the bedroom or card on a pillow is a great place to write a personalized note of welcome.

10. Last but not least put your guest to work. Did this one surprise you? It did me the first time I saw it in action. Doc’s parents were two of the most hospitable people on the planet. I witnessed them ask guests numerous times for a helping hand. The request would range from setting the table to accompanying someone on an errand. It was usually a small task but suddenly the guest was no longer a guest. They became part of the family.

How about you? Any tips or tricks for taking care of the guests in your home? Do tell!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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