DoAhead Caramel Dip!

Carmel Dip

I’m a Fall foody! This time of year there’s nothing I like to put together much better than apples and caramel. A friend shared this treat and it was one of those “I gotta have this recipe” moments. It is simple, quick and requires just 4 ingredients!

Caramel Dip


8 oz. Cream Cheese

1/4 cup Brown Sugar

16 oz. caramel

Heath Bits (chocolate covered or plain)

Add sugar to cream cheese and mix. (The sugar can be added “to taste” so if you prefer a little less or a little more you may.) Spread the cream cheese and sugar mixture on a large platter (a small cookie sheet would also work.) Next, gently spread the caramel over the cream cheese. Finally, top with Heath bits.

You can slice or quarter your favorite apples to serve with the dip. In the featured photo you can see that we used a combination of Granny Smith and Braeburn apples.

{Sidebar: The Bokeh “stars” you see on the apples aren’t real. We don’t eat sparkly apples here at North Harmon. I just wanted them to look pretty for you because I love you. If you can make your apples sparkle in real life would you please let me know. I have not figured that one out yet.}

This dip is a great DoAhead because it chills well and can be stored in the fridge. Ours held up for three days and the quality hadn’t changed a bit from the first day we served it. Prepping the apples is not such a great DoAhead unless you want to try a ginger ale dip (see “An Apple A Day”) to keep them from browning. Honestly, I’d just slice and serve.


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