I Will Wait

Woman Waiting

I cranked up my iPod in an effort to crank up my walk. I was feeling physically and mentally sluggish. It worked. It didn’t take long until I’d found my stride. Better still, my brain was back where it needed to be thanks to the words of an upbeat song.

Lately, there have been an number of things I’ve felt burdened to pray for. Some of the requests have been personal while other requests have been for close family and friends. Other prayers have been for needs in our church and community.

In addition to these prayers I’ve had a burden to pray for our big ol’ world. Thirty seconds into the news my heart hurts for brothers and sisters I’ve never met. When I pray for my “smaller” concerns it isn’t long until I’m reminded and burdened to shift into prayer that is globally focused.

I wonder if the Holy Spirit puts that “in us”——–a global burden to lift up the saints? I’d best not get too analytical since I’m a housewife and not a theologian. All I can tell you girlfriends is that recently my prayer life has felt like a heavy burden.

During my walk a strong wind forced me to redirect where my feet where headed.  I knew I also needed to redirect where my head was headed! When people suffer and I can’t wrap my head around it I can be tempted to doubt.

“Do you hear us?” “Do you care?”

But before I could enter a spiritual funk a song kicked in and it was the kick in the seat I needed! The words reminded me that God NEVER ignores a prayer request it’s just that His ways are not my ways.

“For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

His ways are always better.

When His answer is “Yes.” it’s because it’s the best possible answer for the most number of people.

When His answer is “No” it’s because its the best possible answer for the most number of people.

And when His answer is “Wait”——–well, you get the drift.

Sweet DoAheads, here’s the song that got me back on track. Perhaps, it’s what you needed to hear today too.

I Will Wait~ Mumford & Sons

“The Lord is my portion——therefore I will wait for him.” Lamentations 3:22

Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Very we’ll said and our hearts are in a very similar place! May others trust us to pray as we trust Him who is greater to respond!

  2. I love you meld listing to music with prayer–that’s just what David did :). I try not to watch the news because it’s dwelling on the negative things and can quickly suck me into a tank of despair. Music and prayer always helps. Thank you for sharing at Inspire Me Mondays :).

  3. Great reminder to wait on the Lord. I, too, become world weary (as a friend calls it) and I can become easily overwhelmed and give up. Thanks for including the Lamentations verse – I will focus on that as we all wait and pray and trust!!! I love the song you shared as well – I have added it to my iTunes list to purchase!!!

  4. I was blessed by this; the focus and the reminders! Glad I found your link on Inspire Me Mondays!

  5. Wow, sounds like God has you and me on the same wave length! I myself have not been in a season of waiting, but like you have had to bear the burden of going alongside my friends in their seasons of waiting. It is so hard and painful, but I also find myself really embracing these times because I get to see His faithfulness so much! I just wrote a post the other day called, “When God is Silent”, you might want to check it out! http://www.heatherfaria.com/day-10-suffering-god-silent-part-1/ Glad I found you on Inspire Me Mondays!

  6. Visiting from Inspire Me Mondays today. Lovely reminder to wait and when we can’t do anything else, pray 🙂

  7. I always use that album to run… Always gives me the kick I need 🙂 And I love your words, and I can relate… Sometimes the burden just seems too huge, too much for my prayers to bear. But isn’t it awesome that God shows up every. single. time? So happy to have found you!

    • Yes…”God shows up every.single.time.” Love that and love that He does! Delighted that you popped over! I’ll think of YOU the next time I exercise to this! 🙂

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