Vanilla Vacuum

I’m a smelly person. Whoa. Let’s try that again. Smells are important to me. Consequently, I take action when the vacuum cleaner starts to make my house smell worse instead of better. So here’s a trick my mother shared with me years ago. I referenced it in a post last Fall but let me show you how it’s done.

When you’re ready to change out your vacuum bag, prior to attaching it, pour the contents of a scented sachet or potpourri mix into it. Carefully place it into your vacuum (you don’t want to spill the contents.)

Say it isn’t so!

An amazing smell will fill your home when you vacuum.

{Isn’t it cool the way the picture makes it look like a Hallelujah chorus is about to burst from the bag.! (I love PicMonkey.)}

{But not as much as I love all you.}

Aaaaanyway…we have a small indoor dog and although he stays pretty clean I swear the scented vacuum helps keep up with any potential dog odor.

Vanilla in Vacuum

Check out this post (The Aroma of Fall)  for more ideas on bringing the smell of Fall into your home.  (You’ll also find a link for the scented sachets there!)

Three cheers for all of us “smelly” people!

Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Cindy, this is such a great idea! I’ve heard of doing this, but never done it. It just so happens that I need to replace my vacuum bag and I’m SO DOING this…if I can find a bag of good smelling stuff around here…let me look… Thanks for this great tip! Blessings, mb

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