1,000 and Counting…


I was going to share an oh, so nifty idea for a homemade bulletin board but I decided it can wait. This has been my week to relish the 1,000 gifts in the moment and to be honest, I don’t want to stop!

I dare not share all the pics and videos. {That wouldn’t make me your friend. That would make me your grandmother.}

So I’ll just share a few…I was tempted to give you descriptions, captions and explanations but I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks for being such good girlfriends and indulging me.

Candle 1

Three Scarecrows

Writer Qoute.

Plane Ride

Family Shoes

Cowboy Murphy 1

CD Player


Wire Whip


And last but not least…a little clip of Sir Murph-A-Lot going for a ride. {The sneezing is his response to the crisp, fall air.}

I hope you too are finding yourselves surprised by joy in the moment! Come back Monday sweet DoAheads as we wrap up our series on gratitude by focusing on the future!


Your {Enjoying the Moment} DoAhead Friend,

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