Christmas Pie

Apple Pie Xmas

DoAheads, I’m super excited to post the first ever DoAhead Vlog (video blog). I have recipes I’ve been wanting to share but it so much easier to show than tell. Today it’s tips for rolling out a homemade pie-crust. Since a few of you may be interested in pies this Christmas I thought I’d better post this early.

I have a few disclaimers for the video:

  • We filmed the day before Thanksgiving. We’d been making pies for 5 hours, ran out of ingredients three different times, and had two near-fail pies. Our pie making Mojo was missing that day. If I’m incoherent during the video there’s a reason for it.
  • Vidal Sassoon would not be impressed with my pony tails.
  • It takes 12 minutes. Fast forward if you need to, but if you’ve never done a homemade crust the tips will help…I promise!
  • I blink like a frog in a hailstorm. If it’s distracting by all means shut the video off and go straight to the recipe!

Without further adieu’——–

Practically Perfect Pie Crust

That’s it! Click here if you’d like to print your own Practically Perfect Pie Crust recipe.

Your DoAhead Friend,

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