Phone Cord Tangled 1

Today I have a teeny but helpful de-Tangling DoAhead Destination tip. This past fall my daughter stumbled upon a retractable phone charger. She used it at her desk but liked it so much she bought an additional one for her vehicle.

I drove her car one day and found myself wondering, “Why in tarnation don’t I have a charger like this?” {Cuz I’m all real selfless like that.}

Can you guess what the rest of my tribe received for a stocking stuffer this year? {I was stunned to find one in my stocking as well. Oh Santa, you shouldn’t have.}

You may be able to find yours at a local store…I ended up having to order online.

A link is provided below if you choose the online option. They’re a little more spendy than some cords but we thought the retractable feature was worth it. It’s especially handy in the car. You don’t have to deal with the tug or pull of a cord that’s too short. You also don’t have to deal with interference from a free-floating cord when your not charging your phone. You simply——retract!

Retractable phone cord 1

Tera Grand Retractable Cord

That’s it dear DoAheads!

I’ll be back on Monday…hope you have a wunnerful weekend!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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