Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Happily Dying of Chocolate

The month of love…the month of chocolate is quickly coming to an end. In honor of God’s greatest dietary staple (the cocoa bean) today’s post is a collection of chocolate options from DoAhead. A few of them are recent links but when a gal needs chocolate she shouldn’t have to poke around to find a recipe. Without further adieu…

Chocolate Kalua Sauce

Chocolate Kahlua Sauce


Upside Down Cake 1

 Chocolate Upside Down Cake


Super Duper Cookies Finished

Super Duper Chocolate Cookies


Homemade Cocoa

Home-Made Dark-Chocolate Cocoa


Hot Cocoa

DoAhead Cocoa Mix


Mashed Banana Cookies 1

Mashed Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate Trifle

Chocolate Trifle


My Favorite Cookie Jar

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies


Choc. Chip Ingredients

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Busy Beaver Bars

Busy Beaver Bars


Chocolate Chip Muffin Batter

Chocolate Chip Muffins


Pumpkin bread 2

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

{The banana bread may be modified by adding a cup of chocolate chips to the batter.}

Enjoy sweet DoAheads!

Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Pam Thomsen says:

    Where is your double chocolate bundt cake?…I have been waiting, dear friend!!!

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