Can’t Wait Cake

Bit Cake

I thought I was done with chocolate (for awhile anyway) but a dear friend saw the Everything Chocolate DoAhead Dining post and asked a viable question,”What about your Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake Cindy?”

She’s right. Omitting this particular recipe could be deemed more sin than oversight. So without further adieu…  

Can’t Wait Cake


1 pkg. Fudge  Cake Mix

1 Large Box (approx 7 oz.) of Instant Chocolate Pudding

4 Eggs

1/2 cup Oil

1 cup Sour Cream

1/2 cup Warm Water

1 cup Chocolate Chips

Combine all ingredients but chips and blend with a mixer. Stir in chips. The recipe calls for one cup…my tribe and I like two. (Yes. I have corrupted them.) Spoon the batter (it will be thick) into a greased and floured bundt pan. Bake for 55 minutes (or until an inserted knife comes out clean) at 350. Once cooled invert the cake onto a clean plate. When the cake is completely cooled dust with powdered sugar.

PS. My tribe always called this Bit Cake or Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. But when I made it the last time for a special someones birthday, another special someone in the house couldn’t wait. Consequently, the cake presented to the honored family member looked like the following:

Bit Cake 2

A new name was born——

Can’t Wait Cake.

P.S.S. This bad boy is the bomb with whipped cream or scoop of vanilla ice cream. Mmmm Hmmm.

{I don’t have a DoAhead for this gem. I’ve never tried freezing it, but this cake is so dense I have to believe it would freeze beautifully. Regardless, there are some things in life that don’t have to justify their existence with purpose, convenience or efficiency. This recipe dear friends is one of them. Let’s call it an NDR~ No DoAhead Required.}

You DoAhead Friend,

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