DoAhead UnDone

Clothes in Knot 1

It occurred to me several months ago that I needed another category under the DoAheads. “DoAhead Undone”. MmmHmm. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes we can make every effort to DoAhead but then life gets in the way. The answer?


Sure, once in awhile I cry. Especially, if the kind of undone we’re talking about has to do with relational stuff…people I care about. But anymore, all the other undones serve as fodder for a laugh. May I share just a few? In no particular order, drumroll please for my most recent “undones”!

Tide in Dryer 1

Laundry soap thrown in the  dryer instead of the washer. 

Coffee grinder 1

Walked away from the coffee grinder. The picture makes it look good. Trust me…I had no idea the radius a coffee spewing grinder could cover. We’re talkin’ yards.

Moldy Onions 1

 Found the source of the smell in my fridge. Too bad I didn’t discover it until some forty house-guests later. #GladTheyUsedMyFridge #TheyThinkI’mASlob #DoAheadUndone 

Clothes in Knot 1

Open the dryer and Wha Laa! The biggest knot of clothes ever.

Empty Pitcher 1

Empty pitcher put back in the fridge. Work with me peeps. 

Tiramasu fail 1

First try at Tiramasu for big family dinner. So much rum they needed designated drivers.

How about you? Any undones in your day? Let’s do our best to keep them in perspective and…

Remember to laugh!

Your (sometimes Undone) DoAhead Friend,

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