Shopping with Toddlers in Tow!

Naughty Toddler Shoping

My kids are nearly grown. The oldest is in college. The middle one will join him next Fall. The “baby” will be a Junior in High School. Wow. Yesteryear naps, board games and Friday night pizza parties are loooong gone.

I miss it.

But there is one thing I do not miss…the days I had to run errands and get groceries with little peeps in tow. It was brain damage, plain and simple brain damage.

Are you in that stage right now? Or perhaps you’re taking care of grandchildren? Maybe a friend or daughter is in the throes of lobotomy lending trips to the store. If so, this post may be for you or someone you need to share it with.

I’m thrilled to be guest posting at Arise Ministries today. Arise is dedicated to helping single Mom’s not only survive, but thrive. If re-stocking the kitchen leaves your soul feel like an abandoned warehouse this article may help. Click on the link beneath the picture and it will take you there.

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Arise Ministries 

Meander back on Monday. DoAhead Dwelling is putting on waders and sticking a toe into the subject of deep cleaning. I saw my first Robin this week when I shook out the rug. Two things became apparent:

Spring is here.

My house is dirty.

Time to talk Spring Cleaning!

Your (antsy to clean) DoAhead Friend,

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