Binders Keepers

Graduation Binder 1

Sweet DoAheads,

If this were a letter the return address would still read “Crazy Town, USA.” The good news is that I have not yet had to disappear from cyberspace and so I’m going to share an uber quick, slick trick for surviving whatever brand of crazy you may be living in.

A binder.

Yup. Top secret information to be sure. But I’m here to testify that my fragile thread between “losing it” and “keeping it” is in a binder that currently reads:


I made up this bad boy last year when the oldest graduated from high school. It has been my lifeline because for various reasons kid #2’s graduation has been surrounded by a lot of other “stuff”.

The binder contains excel spreadsheets of the addresses that invitation’s were mailed to, along with the format for the invitation (and thank you’s). It also listed the menu we used last year as well as “need to knows” that I jotted down just after the open house (knowing full well I would forget them over the next year.)

I don’t know what event or areas of your life you are looking for a little more organization but take it from a somewhat undone DoAhead——–keeping a binder on hand to collect related information/material has been a major blessing and overall berserk preventative.

(Check out Taming your Travels for tips on incorporating binders into your next trip or family vacation!)

That’s it for now!

Come back Wednesday for a Krazy twist on DoAhead Dining!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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