My Raisin Heart

Raisin Heart 1

A few days ago I woke up with a raisin heart. You know what I’m talkin’ about. The dried up, shriveled version of what’s supposed to be the strongest muscle in the body.

I tried to shake it. In the shower my foggy brain began to recite “Create a clean heart in me…renew a right spirit within me.”

{Sidebar——–living with three adolescents means several things. 1) You will laugh a lot. 2) You will cry a lot. 3) You will never take a hot shower because they will have used all the hot water.}

My hopes of showering until I felt replenished were cut short and the dang raisin clung to me like coffee stains on a favorite cup.

Since a shower wasn’t the fix I thought fresh air might do the trick.

My feet hit the pavement as I directed my shriveled heart towards a familiar walking path. Instead of fresh air I got a strong whiff of road kill.


And so I called out to my “venting partner.”

I’m feeling kind of smug that I can use a phrase like that…”venting partner”. Truth is I had never heard of the term until several months ago. A sweet friend whose trials have led her to dub herself Jobette (the female version of Job) told me I was her venting partner. Her counselor said it was a good thing.  She shared, “It helps to have someone you can vent too.”

I prayed as I walked, “God, would you be my venting partner?”

His reply did for me what CPR does for the dying man. The first breath he breathed into me was “I’m right here hunny.”

What happened next wasn’t instantaneous or profound but the results were real and effective.

God began to speak to me about raisins and offerings.

The backstory is that the day before I had been reading in Leviticus about offerings. Offerings for Atonement. Offerings for Consecration. Offerings for Worship.

As I walked the text came to mind and I began to think about what I could offer Him. He impressed upon me was that all He really wanted was my heart.

I responded, “You really want this? My raisin heart?”

He whispered, “What’s so bad about raisins? They’re great in Granola.”

I smiled.

Then He said, “How about your grandmother’s Raisin Cream Pie? Now that’s a great use for raisins!”

My smile broadened.

And then He whispered,  “You know, I can use raisins. The point isn’t the condition of your heart. The point is that you give me what you’ve got. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Suddenly, a strong South Dakota breeze mustered past. My ears stung with the chill of it and my nostrils embraced the erase of stench.

Fresh air replaced the stale and a raisin was rehydrated.

How about you?

Are you feeling depleted, worn out or wrung out? Does the thought of offering anything of yourself to God feel like a joke?

Sweet friend, hear me loud and clear…

God loves raisins.

He can do a lot with a little. I hope that whether your season of life finds you with a plump vibrant heart or a somewhat shriveled one you’ll join me in giving Him what you’ve got. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

You also won’t be disappointed if you hop over to Suzie Eller’s #livefree community today. You’ll find inspiring stories about giving God our hearts!

Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. i live how God takes what we think are useless and turning them into something beautiful. What a great reminder, this was wonderfully written! #livefree

  2. I ADORE this post. <3

  3. Crystal Hornback says:

    I love this, Cindy! “The point isn’t the condition of your heart. The point is that you give me what you’ve got. I’ll take care of the rest.”” Just, YES! Thank you for the truth and encouragement today!

  4. God can surely understand our hearts no matter what state it is in. 🙂
    Beautiful sharing.

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