I Am Expecting

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I’m not sure how to describe “fresh air”. What’s the most accurate adjective? As I sat on the porch early that morning there was an abundance of it.  I may lack for descriptors of how it smelled but I can tell you how it made me feel.


At peace.

Full of hope.


All because of fresh air? Probably not.

Hot coffee, soft pajamas, a cooing dove and my big ol’ bible were also in the mix. At the time I’m not even sure I realized how deep all that “fresh air” was affecting me. At least not until I began to write.

I was journaling verses that spoke to me. As I began to wrap it up I started to pen my prayer requests. And then it happened.

True rejuvenation.

I had intended to write the word “Help.” (The plan was to lay out and list the areas that I knew I needed Him to touch.) I drew the first vertical line of the letter and then my pen stopped.

It hovered——–for a long time.

I heard what Mark Batterson calls “the inaudible but undeniable voice of God.”

“Turn the ‘H’ into a ‘T’.”

It struck me that the only difference between “Help” and “Thanks” was two strokes of a pen.

Which would I choose?

One more vertical line accompanied by a tiny horizontal one would take me down the path of all I need. I know that taking my needs before the throne is always a good idea. The heavenly Father delights in such things. But on this particular morning He wanted to take me down another path.

The path of all He’d already done.

I realized that if I capped off my vertical line with a single stroke more than a letter would be transformed. My list of prayers would be dramatically different.

And so the pen hovered.

“God, what do you want me to do? The needs are great. My time seems limited. Where should my focus be today?”

Suddenly I knew.

I quickly transformed the line into a T and then before I knew it I was weeping. I began to recall a lifetime of His faithfulness. I remembered the one thousand prayers he answered…the ones I thought to  pray and the many more my cluelessness left unspoken.

Fresh air didn’t begin to rejuvenate me——–gratitude did.

He whispered again, “NOW you can list the areas of your life, and other’s lives, that need help.”  But now I knew the requests would be from an entirely different perspective.

God wanted me to journal needs with the knowledge that I could thank Him in advance for tending to them.

He knew my expectations were not big enough.

Taking time to remember His faithfulness reminded me that He can be trusted. My prayers need not be “worry prayers”. (See James 1:6 The Message) They can be——–should be——–prayers full of expectation.

And so dear DoAheads I am expecting. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not planning that every whim and detail of my finite prayers will be answered just as I see fit. Not only would that be short sighted, it would be dangerous. His ways aren’t my ways. He sees the big picture and I only see what’s right in front of me.

But I am praying boldy and with confidence knowing that He hears the needs and will tend to them just as He sees fit.

Would you join me today in whispering prayers full of expectation? Take a moment and jot down (mentally or on paper) the “H’s” in your life that could be transformed by the “T’s” in your life.

 “Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought.” James 1:6

“I’ve pitched my tent in the land of hope.” Acts 2:26

Your (expecting) DoAhead Friend,


  1. Refreshing friend!

  2. Cindy, what a beautiful post. It’s so insightful and helpful. You are a talented communicator, my friend.

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