Time For Tomatoes!

Tomato Water Wall

Today’s post is a gardening tip that my partner in crime (aka. sister) and I have utilized when planting tomatoes. South Dakota is about two states too far north for my liking. I wouldn’t trade her countryside for the world but I’d take the longer, warmer growing season that Kansas has to offer in a blink.

Since the gardening season is short around here, a great tip we’ve garnered for tomatoes is the use of “water walls”. Corrugated plastic is filled with water and then set up like a tee-pee over the tender plants. The wall will provide protection from the elements in addition to serving as a virtual greenhouse.

Tomato Water Wall 2

The water wall is filled with water from the garden hose.

Tomato Water Wall 3

It’s carefully placed around the tiny plant.

Tomato Water Wall 4

The shape is adjusted similar to a tee-pee. This provides more

warmth to the plant and lends stability to the wall.

Bam! Tomatoes are planted and ready to grow!

The water wall can be removed as soon as your local growing season allows. If you’d like to get your hands on these bad boys check out this link: water walls for tomatoes from Amazon.

Hope this tiny tip helps! I can’t think of a more fun DoAhead than a family garden. I can already taste the Spaghetti Sauce we’ll enjoy this fall!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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